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Painting your own home seems to be a fun bonding experience for the family members or couples. But little do most people know that this only exists in movies and doing so can be frustrating later on. Without the help of professionals, your home interior or exterior can lead to problems and short term results. Painting your home is more complicated than simply buying paint and applying it. To avoid the pitfalls of DIY residential painting, you need our professional and expert help.

Space Coast Exterior Painting has the best painting contractors in Melbourne, FL and nearby areas. We specialize in home interior painting and exterior painting services.  We make it a point that we do not only perform the top-quality house painting services but also make professional recommendations for your color combinations, design, painting techniques, and the best house paint materials. From the preparation of the surface, making minor repairs, and choosing the right materials to painting proper of your surfaces, finishing, and cleaning, we will make sure that our expert residential painters will assist you in completing your dream home. 

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Excellent Exterior House Painters in Melbourne, FL

Make a positive first impression with the beautiful painting quality of your home exterior. Achieve that curb appeal you wish for your home. With our professional exterior painting service, you can always come home thinking that you did a great job of investing in this property and keeping your family comfortable. 

Our experienced house painters will help you have an exterior painting that protects your home from sun and water exposure. While these natural weather conditions cause your house paint to wear down, we will provide you with a painting work that will last longer than usual. Our exterior painters will not only increase the protection of your property with our exterior house painting service but also increase its aesthetics and overall value. You will be so sure that when you need to move to another place, you can easily sell your home because of its marketability.  

Our superior exterior home painting service will cover all the surfaces outside your home. Whether it is made of bricks, wood, aluminum siding, or stucco, we can provide you with the best residential painting service. We will also include your trim, entry doors, shutters, walls, carports, garage doors, and other detached surfaces.  

If it is a repainting job, we can transform your exterior and make it look good as new, better, and more appealing than your old painting. Our expert painting contractors will ensure that your specifications are considered and we will apply our expertise to improve your wishes.

Best Home Interior Painters Melbourne FL

Conceptualizing your interior home painting can be difficult. But with our expertise, we guide you well in the process. We will assist you in deciding the best color combinations for your home. We are experts in paint matching and you will surely love our expert recommendations for your ideas. Our skilled painters will make professional recommendations to make sure that your home interior is what you imagined it to be or even better. Our interior house painters are excited to complete the residential painting job for you soon.

We will help you prepare your home. The steps are really simple. First, you will remove all small and breakable items from your home. You can leave the big furniture and appliances. Our painting contractors will cover these and put them in the middle. Rest assured that we will take care of your belongings from start to finish. Then, we will cover the floors too with durable drop cloths. If you have wallpaper, we will remove these as well and carefully. All switch plates and outlets will also be covered. 

Besides covering all necessary parts and furniture of the house, we will also fill any wood cracks and repair drywalls or holes if any. We will also patch and caulk if required. Then, we will tape the edges. Trust that we will provide you with the best interior wall painting service that will improve every room in your house. Our interior house painters will also paint your doors, molding, ceiling, and other interior surfaces that you wish for us to paint.

We will complete the residential painting job on schedule and make sure that there will be no repainting needs when we are done. The finished paint job in your main room or living room will seamlessly match the rest of the rooms. Our goal is not only to give you a professionally painted interior but also to give you quality work. In the entire process, our interior house painters will work to minimize any inconvenience on your part. 

If you also need repainting for your interior, you can come to us. Just like starting from scratch, we will be with you from start to finish. Trust that you will be satisfied with our work.

Your beautiful exterior will welcome your guests and your cozy and elegant interior will make them feel at home. Call us today for a free consultation.

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If you are looking for local painters in Melbourne, FL and nearby areas, you are in luck because Space Coast Exterior Painting has got you covered. We have the best exterior painting and interior painting services in the area.  We take residential painting seriously because we understand how a homeowner invested on this property and more importantly, use this home to protect the family. 

We provide fast, reliable, and superb interior and exterior house painting services at an affordable price. No job is too small or large for us. We will take on any project and apply the same professionalism in completing it. Our interior house painters will respect your home and your privacy as well as make sure that we leave you with neat and clean work.

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From the conceptualization and preparation to finish, we will stay on the job until completion. We offer premium quality house painting services at a competitive price. Be among the residential owners and managers in Melbourne, FL that trust Space Coast Exterior Painting. In all our projects, whatever the size, we will handle your property with respect and care.

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